Church & Longevity. Spiritual Practices for Longer Living

02 Jun

From USA TODAY:   Can attending church really help you live longer? This study says yes  A recent study by Vanderbilt University professor Marino Bruce has found that people who attend religious services live longer and are less stressed. Of note is the 55% decrease in mortality risk for those attending church. From social support […]

Finding Your Flow. May 18. Salt Lake City.

05 May

Finding Your Flow (Attentional Self-Leadership) workshop on May 18 (8:30am to 1:00pm) in Salt Lake City. CLICK HERE for links to a brief video summary, program overview, topic outline, and client comments. You can register HERE for 2 complimentary seats (for HR/Training decision-makers) and discounted seats for additional participants. For questions or confirmations please don’t hestiate to email or call Steve […]

How Smart Phones Distract: The Subtle Art of Brain Hacking

18 Apr

Last week on 60 minutes Anderson Cooper interviewed Tristan Harris (a former Google product manager) on how smart phones, apps, and platforms are designed for addiction and distraction. Of particular note was Anderson’s neurological spikes and cortisol releases when hearing the sound of an incoming text with phone just out of reach. Given the never ending capture […]

Flow and Attentional Leadership at the U.S. Naval Academy

28 Mar

Just when I thought our next generation of 18-22 year olds were falling into a deep decline, I entered the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy and saw that we are in good hands. What an honor to speak on this historic campus, working with seniors (commissions in hand), juniors exploring their professional path, and the leadership faculty shaping these young […]

Inspired Evening at USNA

28 Feb

An inspiring evening at U.S. Naval Academy w CDR Kevin Mullaney, USN, P.h.D. Long run in the rain this eve on this historic campus-looking forward working with students and faculty on Flow, Resilience, Attentional Leadership, and leading in dynamic environments. What an honor to be here. No NAVY!

Building Your Philosophy of Engagement. Part 2.

03 Feb

If you study the lives of great men and women, you will see that their lives are filled with powerful and profound experiences—just like you and me. Study their biographies carefully and you will see their Philosophy of Engagement in action—a governing ethos that develops through time. This type of document has been called many […]

Building Your Philosophy of Engagement. Part 1

20 Jan

Consider this scenario: You wake up this morning feeling a little off, a bit dizzy. You go to work as usual and while parking your car you slam into the tree that’s been there for years. You didn’t see that tree. Come to think of it, you have lost most of your peripheral vision and […]

Attentional Leadership Theory (in Brief)

17 Jan

Per recent journal and book publications many have requested a brief and concise definition and summary of Attentional Leadership Theory: Attentional Leadership: Definition & Framework Attentional Leadership Theory (ALT) seeks to discover the relationship between technical (Tk) and human system recognizing that an individual or a collective (dyad, team, organization—even community) can utilize the appropriate […]