Building Your Philosophy of Engagement. Part 1

20 Jan

Consider this scenario:

You wake up this morning feeling a little off, a bit dizzy. You go to work as usual and while parking your car you slam into the tree that’s been there for years. You didn’t see that tree. Come to think of it, you have lost most of your peripheral vision and it scares you…

By lunch you recognize the seriousness of the matter so you have someone drive you to the hospital. Your eyes are not working properly so a CT scan and blood tests are ordered.

You wait…

Two hours later you are called into a small waiting room and finally… the doctor arrives. She looks serious, but smiles affectionately.

She begins:

“I’m sorry to inform you that we’ve discovered a large tumor on the back of your brain. It seems you have a rare type of cancer and your time is short… very short.”

You inquire hesitantly: “How long do I have?”

“Perhaps 30 days…”

After a week to process your disbelief you recognize it’s time to consider your last will and testament. While there are some financial and tangible items you wish to leave behind for family and friends, you feel there is something more you could give them, so you bring them together in a room and ask them.

They reply:

“Because of how much we love and respect you, because of the person you have become, what we want most from you is your philosophy of life and leadership. We want to know what you have valued most, how you have lived, how you have led—and who you’ve most aspired to become.

What’s your creed? What’s your code? What are the core values that are the foundation for your personal philosophy?

You want to give them this most significant and final gift—one that will be part of your “will” and given to every member of your family and close friends. This is an exciting but challenging prospect.

This self-reflection makes all the sense in the world and you are up for the challenge.

It’s now time to dig deep, explore those precious moments, extract the lessons, and boil down the values that make up your unique personal philosophy…

Is this something you can do today?

Tomorrow we will discuss the process for building this most important personal document.

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