Inspiring Examples from Little People

13 Jan

I recently took my family on a Mexican cruise. During our jungle zip line tour in Mazatlan our 4 year old declared her intent to join us instead of playing with the other kids who were waiting for the “grown-ups” to finish their tour. She would have none of that!

While half the group were nervous about this particular 750 foot high and 1,600 foot long ride, my little girl took the lead and on this leg. As she went she yelled into the air: “I’m going to Wonderland”. It was an inspiring and proud moment. It was also quite instructional as I heard one of our group say “Well, if she can do it, so can I!”

Mia on Zipline. Off to Wonderland Video. 1.4.17 

Thanks to my little princess for teaching us “grown-ups” something about taking risk, embracing the unknown of Wonderland, and enjoying the ride along the way!

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